Gardenia blue

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    Source: Gardenia augusta var. gardiflora; G. florida and G. jasminoides). Natural colorants extracted using modern biotechnology.说明: 概述图册


    Gardenia blue pigment due to different processing technology, different shades of blue pigment can be obtained, the color from sky blue to sea blue, as well as acid-resistant and acid-resistant varieties, suitable for different application environments.


    Natural blue pigment is rare in nature, gardenia blue pigment is one of them, compared with synthetic pigment edible bright blue, indigo, its source is natural, human compatibility is good, high safety. It is a natural color that deserves to be vigorously promoted.


    The cost of gardenia blue pigment in food, beverages, cosmetics is not high, the amount of use is between 0.005%-0.01%, converted to a unit cost of about 0.025-0.05 yuan / kg, of course, compared with synthetic pigments or higher, synthetic pigments in food processing unit cost is almost zero, it is precisely because of the cheap price, synthetic pigments in food abuse, excessive use of the phenomenon, which is not good for people's health.